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RAEIN-Africa has a wealth of experience in development projects and has put together an extensive data base of experts in agriculture, food security and livelihoods, environment and climate change, monitoring, evaluation and learning, innovation platforms, policy and governance in biosafety and biodiversity as well as stakeholder management. Armed with this experience, RAEIN-Africa, provides consultancy services at a fee to Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations, Parastatals as well as the Private sector in a number of areas that include;

  • Mid and end point project evaluations
  • Development of monitoring, evaluation and learning systems and frameworks
  • Guide, coach or capacity build actors in Value chains
  • Strategic up-scaling of Innovations
  • Technical backstopping and guidance in agricultural and rural livelihoods projects
  • Stakeholder  and Inclusive Development approaches
  • Setting up and management of Innovation Platforms
  • Training and Capacity development in a number of fields on demand or customised training (see capacity development programme)
  • Design of Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects for corporates wishing to support development projects as part of their corporate social responsibility and;
  • Grant or fund management including that for corporates social responsibility projects.
  • Project Proposal writing and development
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Financial and Project Audits
  • Review and setting up of organisational financial systems

RAEIN-Africa charges competitive rates for the consultancy services. For more information contact us at


 ID: Raeinafrica