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Innovation Platforms for Policy Formulation

Public participation in policy formulation, implementation and monitoring remains one of the key ingredients for development of an enabling policy and regulatory environment necessary for maximizing the benefits of science and technology in SADC. RAEIN-Africa has supported the establishment of innovation platforms on public participation in policy formulation and implementation. Innovation Platforms established are:

  • The Botswana Public Awareness and Public Participation Innovation Platform (BOPAPIP): This platform was established to stimulat...Read more >>

Innovation Platforms for Technology Development and Utilization

These platforms were introduced to improve productivity, food security and rural livelihoods of resource constrained communities. Platforms are focusing on;

  • Improvement of Sweet Potato Production in Makhanga Extension Planning Area Using Tissue Culture (Malawi): This platform was established with the goal of contributing to improved food security and livelihoods development through use of tissue culture to provide quality sweet potato planting material. Substantial yield increases have been recorded to date.
  • ...