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RAEIN-Africa Commemorates International Year of Family Farming at UNISA

RAEIN-Africa was invited by the University of South Africa (UNISA) to make a presentation at the first seminar to commemorate the importance of family farming in Africa and SADC in particular. UNISA will be running a series of seminars meant to highlight and discuss the importance of family farming in southern Africa until September 2014. RAEIN-Africa was thus honoured to be the first Institution to be invited at the launch of the initiative.  The year 2014 has been declared as the International Year of Family Farming. The main objective is to stimulate policies for sustainable development of family farming. The commemorations are meant to profile the importance of family farming and its contribution to food production and household food security, provide an opportunity to reflect on options for combating poverty and hunger and promote public policies that will support farm families’ access markets and credit.

The RAEIN-Africa presentation focussed on:

  • The contribution of family farming to rural livelihoods in Africa and SADC
  • Trends in food production and food insecurity in the SADC
  • The importance of managing the science and technology and society interface in the development of innovations and solutions to the development challenges faced by the very poor and poor family farmers in SADC
  • The threats posed by climate change and HIV/AIDS to family farming in the SADC

A copy of the presentation is available on request. Requests can be sent to