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Thematic areas of focus

  1. Food Security and Livelihoods: Food and nutrition insecurity is one of the main development challenges facing many southern African countries. Marginalized communities in the region are continuously challenged by low crop and livestock productivity levels, a decreasing trend in GDP, high inflation rates, low levels of innovation and investments, unpredictable climatic conditions and shortage of energy sources. Most resource constrained communities remain vulnerable to these man-made and natural shocks and stressors. Chronic food and nutrition insecurity has led to compromised well-being, hunger and malnutrition amongst the most vulnerable sectors of society. RAEIN-Africa responds to these challenges by implementing a number of need-driven and sustainable interventions that not only addresses food and nutrition insecurity but also enhances the resilience of livelihood systems.
  1. Climate Change and Environment: Southern Africa is characterised by extreme variations in climatic conditions with increasingly frequent drought and flood events. A significant population of southern Africa derive its main livelihood from the fragile environment. High levels of deforestation, over-utilisation of biodiversity and a myriad of other environmental problems now limit the capacity of the region’s fragile ecosystems to support livelihood systems. A paradigm shift is therefore required in harnessing natural resources to address problems of poverty, inadequate food supply and quality as well as malnutrition in southern Africa. There is also a need to strengthen efforts aimed at management of the environment throughinnovative approaches.RAEIN-Africa’s projects are aimed at increasing the resilience of livelihood systems and to increase the capacity of Partners to manage the environment through improved policies and regulatory frameworks as well as well as enhanced capacities to support effective implementation.
  1. Policy and Governance: Public participation in policy formulation and governance remains one of the key requirements for development of an enabling policy and regulatory environment necessary for maximizing the benefits of science and technology in SADC. RAEIN-Africa has supported the establishment and developmentof innovation platforms on public participation in policy formulation and implementation. The platforms have proved effective in increasing the voice of the public in policy formulation processes as well as to increase the capacity of the public to effectively participate, drive, and influence policy and practice.