Regional Agricultural and Environmental  


National Coordinating Institutions

At a national level, RAEIN-Africa partners with organisations that share common goals representing public research and development institutions, academic institutions, policy-making and regulatory bodies, civil society, farmer representatives etc. The key issues the partners work include research, technical advisory, policy development and general capacity development across these thematic focus areas: Agriculture, Environment, and Science and Technology. National activities are coordinated by the National Coordinating Agencies (NCA). RAEIN-Africa draws Memorandum of Understanding with the NCAs. The National Coordinating Agencies:

  1. Manage, coordinate, and report on the outcomes of the RAEIN-Africa partners’ activites at national levelLiaise directly with the RAEIN-Africa regional office and ensures that implementing partners prepare the technical and financial report, including work plans and budgets
  2. Ensure adequate articulation of national activities and priorities
  3. Ensure project implementation compliance of RAEIN-Africa’s and other funding partners’ requirements and policies.Coordinate and update the projects’ national monitoring and evaluation activities.
  4. Support RAEIN-Africa and funding partners’ field mission.Coordinate and support regional consultants assigned to the projects’ national capacity building activities.Ensure inter-institutional coordination and stakeholder participation in support of projects implementation. To date, the network has active nodes in the following counties: