Regional Agricultural and Environmental  



Regional Agricultural and Environmental INnovations – Africa (RAEIN-Africa) is an autonomous Non-Governmental Organization that wants to see a just, fair and sustainable Africa in which everybody enjoys access to nutritious food, is healthy, and is free from poverty. RAEIN-Africa seeks to unleash the potential of science and technology for development by connecting Science and Technology  to policy and social realties, thereby stimulating processes of collaborative initiatives and innovations

RAEIN-Africa’s principal mandate


as spelt out in its constitution, and endorsed by partners who participated in the “Eastern and Southern Africa Biosafety needs identification” and the “Agricultural Biotechnology Research needs in Southern Africa” studies of 2001-2002, is to: facilitate a multi-stakeholder and holistic approach to networking among SADC regional partners in research, development and use of emerging technologies that contribute to the enhancement of food security, and sustainable use and management of the environment

Our VISION, is to be a pathfinder in innovation systems approach to science, technology and innovation for poverty reduction, prosperity, resilience, and sustainable development, with and for communities in Africa. RAEIN-Africa puts much emphasis on the role of knowledge and information to create innovations that address identified needs and form a basis for informed decision making through the integration of various knowledge systems.

RAEIN-Africa work to achieve food security, nutrition security, sustainable environment and to eradicate poverty.

Our MISSION is to promote systems and evidence based approaches in the development of knowledge, technologies and innovations for food security and nutrition security, biodiversity conservation, climate resilience and wealth creation, and in relevant policies (at all levels) for African communities. RAEIN-Africa works to achieve food security, nutrition security, sustainable environment and to eradicate poverty.

RAEIN-Africa, by and for Africa

RAEIN-Africa is an African Initiative, implemented by Africans for Africans; understanding the specific conditions for harnessing the potential of African capacities and competencies. This characteristic is most important when addressing institutional change issues. Learning from global experiences is not excluded.


RAEIN-Africa is regional

RAEIN-Africa works to establish cross regional collaboration, experience and knowledge exchange, and mutual capacity strengthening across southern Africa. RAEIN-Africa embraces the innovation systems approach through multi-country, multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration. RAEIN-Africa works to connect people and institutions at different levels to co-innovate around identified common needs and gaps. RAEIN Africa seeks to be a trend setter through initiating a range of activities that stimulate dialogue, information exchange and capacity development.