Regional Agricultural and Environmental  


The Innovation for Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction: Towards an enabling Environment for Systems of Innovation in Southern Africa (ISP-TEESA)


The Netherlands Directorate General International Cooperation (DGIS)

ISP-TEESA programme aimed to contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction by enhancing the role of science and technology in innovation systems. This was achieved through projects that created an enabling environment for; the development of appropriate technologies, and access and safe use of the technologies. The above was achieved through an innovation systems approach involving the strengthening of multi-stakeholder bottom-up processes.

The ISP-TEESA Project

The ISP-TEESA successfully addressed its objectives (see External evaluation report 2013). ISP-TEESA was implemented through three main projects as follows:

Capacity Development

Regulatory Innovation: Breaking Biosafety Boundaries in Southern Africa (RIBBB-SA)

Innovative Technologies for Enhancement of production systems and management of the environment (ITEM)